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Toggl is also compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Like Toggl, Timecamp offers tiered pricing to unlock premium features.

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Like both Toggl and Hivedesk, Timecamp's basic plan includes automatic screenshots, active vs. You can also create tracking for billable vs non-billable hours in the basic version, a feature that is not available in Hivedesk. The system also includes timesheet approval for payroll administration. Timecamp offers a broader range and affordability compared to Toggl and is a much more feature-rich application compared to Hivedesk. Read our in-depth TimeCamp review. This can provide you with a lightweight system that will only cost a few dollars per seat per month.

If your company is new to having remote employees, you may want to have robust monitoring capabilities, so that you can be sure that remote employees are delivering as much value as your on-premise employees. However, as time progresses, and you find that your remote employees are performing at a high level, you can consider relaxing some of these restrictions for example, requiring fewer screenshots. Too much monitoring can be come off as intrusive especially to full-time employees , and can demonstrate a lack of trust. You may ultimately want to give more autonomy to employees who have demonstrated their abilities to work remotely, while still enforcing monitoring for part-time or offshore employees.

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Key features of remote employee monitoring software Remote employee monitoring software offers various capabilities, some of which are considered core features that are included in most systems, and some advanced features that can come with an additional fee, or as part of a premium tier. Basic capabilities Below are some of the core functionalities that you can expect from most remote employee monitoring systems. Active time tracking Active time tracks the time during a session that someone is typing or moving their mouse.

Advanced remote employee monitoring software features Advanced features for many remote employee monitoring software packages are typically available through premium packages for an additional fee.

Social media monitoring This feature enables you to allows tracking of the social media sites used, and the time spent on each social media site as a function of total session time. Email monitoring This feature allows a manager to follow email chains and review email activity on a per-project basis. Keystroke logging Keystroke logging allows for the capture of the actual text, data, or information typed into a keyboard. Print tracking Many companies have sensitive or proprietary information they wish to control. Use Internet monitoring software for employees as a self-control tool to understand how the computer hours are distributed between various actions.

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Each user may receive a personal report about his PC usage and identify productivity boost zones. Professional's organization unit tree model is very flexible for big companies with dozens of departments and thousands employees. Active directory integration of security groups and users simplifies HR-related actions significantly. Quick and informative support was also appreciated. Thank you guys for such a great tool that brings up our employee monitoring process to a new level.

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Work Examiner software made a great HR job for us: we understood that some employees were stealing some critical data from our company. Your software helped to identify them and punish. Employee Monitoring Software: no time to waste! With our employee monitoring software you can easily track those who do the job and those who tweet Try Free for days See all features Product Overview Surveillance Stealth client records everything the user see or type and offers both on-line and recorded views. Web Usage Control Get a full view of the Internet usage and block any distracting content.

Work Time Tracking Computer utilization and attendance tracking features help to manage HR resources. Kickidler 1.

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Start free trial. Online computer monitoring Time tracking Productivity analysis Computer screen recording Violations monitoring Productivity metrics Remote pc access Keylogger Remote employee monitoring Classroom computer monitoring. Reviewed: 20 Nov Kirill P.

Reviewed: 21 Sep Verified Reviewer , Human Resources. Pros: The software is insanely easy to use. Reviewed: 13 Sep Denis L. Reviewed: 04 Sep Max T. Reviewed: 20 Dec Maxim M. Pros: The program was like placebo for the team. Online computer monitoring real-time staff monitoring software. Employee time tracking Unauthorized absence and lateness monitoring. Employee productivity analysis Websites and applications user tracking.

Employee computer screen recording Desktop activity recording and logging. Employee violations monitoring Detecting and monitoring of employee violations.

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Employee productivity metrics Monitoring of employee productivity fluctuations. Keylogger Keystroke tracker. Remote employee monitoring Oursourced personnel work time recording software. Classroom computer monitoring School computer monitoring software. Unlimited technical support Our exclusive offer! Cross-platform solution.