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Technically, Verizon is charging the new fee to Twilio and Twilio is passing it on to Remind, Grey said. Remind has been paying Twilio to deliver text messages since , he said. But after re-reading the announcement from Remind more carefully as you suggested, and the additional story that came out today Thurs , I acknowledge that I was incorrect in my assumption that this affected all users of Remind and not just Verizon users. Thanks for the clarification.

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I'm not sure how often this is used to communicate directly with students in upper grades or college. My experience is with it used in elementary school for the teachers to send information to the parents. It also allows parents to respond back to the group, and one parent to respond to any other parent in the class. And it does this without anyone having to share their email address or phone number with each other.

The parents voluntarily sign up for the list, so it's not spam even if you don't like the messages being sent.

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This app sounds fine if it works for a given community, but it seems like a solution in search of a problem given that email exists. I don't really see the big deal in sharing some basic contact information with people who are going to have a huge influence on your. Not all parents are rich enough to already have a PC and Internet at home.

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Phones on Lifeline plans are less likely to support email. Seek shelter if on campus. There's not even a guarantee of delivery! SMS serves a specific niche that apps and email don't. My school district uses it and it's hugely helpful. The team I coach uses it to great effect. We send out a few messages a week with information parents and students need to know. It results in a few messages a week mostly. Nothing unreasonable and it's entirely voluntary.

But the utility means most parents sign up since they tend to like to know what's going on and I'm not about to call them one by one to explain everything. Who said it was spamming? Verizon is charging text-based services like Twillo a fee to fund anti-spam efforts. Remind runs 1.

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Remind isn't being targeted, it is being asked by Twillo to pay it's share of the fee Verizon is charging it. Wait, not all airline customers are terrorists? Based on current and past TSA practices I wouldn't believe that's true. Sorry, I don't need a bunch of BS being sent to my cell phone. If I'm in school, tell me in person. If it's after hours, leave me the hell alone.

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You obviously don't have children. It's not "a bunch of BS" and a lot of information needs to reach parents and students outside of school hours. I coach a sports team at a high school. We need to be able to reach parents and students and services like Remind which we use help a LOT with this. I am not a teacher and I have a real job. We send out information that everyone on the team needs to know in a timely and cost effective manner. Expecting schools to waste money chasing you down in person only.

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I had girls in high school, and could not get the damn school to stop sending me automated calls for stupid shit. I hate services that text me stuff. And Friday will be blue shirt day! The school bus is going to be 25 minutes late, yes I'd like to see that notice from the school letting me know this in a timely fashion.

It's not my fault you lack the ability to not to look at your phone every time it goes buzz buzz in your pocket. I'm unclear why you insulted me when you provided an example that proved my point. Your example is a good use of text messaging, thank you. That's pretty much the entire point of using Remind, so that the school can inform you of important things like that. Didn't really mean to come off so snarky, but people really do need to be better about not checking every little buzz buzz from the phone, especially during meetings.

They are charging Twillo a usage fee because they are a "heavy user" of the SMS services of Verizon, to the tune of 4.

Twillo is proportionally passing that fee on to Remind, which generates 1. Verizon isn't "charging" Remind anything, Remind chose to use a service that in-turn is choosing to pass on to it's customers like. It's double dipping. Each and every Verizon customer receiving those texts is paying Verizon for the ability to do so. The sender is already paying as well. It's just that Verizon decided to provide an inverse bulk discount because they can. The reason is reach. SMS reaches 7 billion people. Not everyone has smartphones or data access.

In my sons' school district there are plenty of kids whose financial situation isn't very good. They might have a bare bones phone with little to no data access. They can't afford to suck up data by installing apps or their phone literally can't install apps just to get reminders. For these kids, text messages work better.

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The school can simply switch to the premium plan, and all the children will get their text messages, even on Verizon, because Remind will cover the fee for paying customers. Or use one of the other 3 major phone companies and dozens of resellers that still offer the service for free.

Verizon urges FCC to include RCS in declaratory ruling for SMS, MMS | FierceWireless

But you can't seriously be asking why a school district would take advantage of a free service? Education is very much a zero-sum thing when it comes to funding. Revenue is limited, so a shiny perfect notification service comes at the expense of something else. Additionally, we don't plan on giving our daughter a smartphone until high school - so apps are not an option at all.

Will your daughter have email? That's a zero-cost option, as is encouraging your district to actually pay for the service, rather than rely on a free service?

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Yes and in fact I'm not a huge fan of Remind. It looks like they use a service called School Messenger [schoolmessenger. Good point. Though at some point I think a cell phone of some sort has become as important as a telephone or computer - sort of the bare minimum to participate in modern society. Everyone will have a different threshold for their own kids, but "before they leave home" is probably best, so that they can learn to use it while still within their support structure.

I don't understand why Remind wants to use SMS so badly?