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To return to SeTracker, you will need to set the address manually using the command:.

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If you have made sure that the internet is available when a SIM card is inserted into the phone, but the watch still does not run, you may need to set the correct APN from the operator. Usually, it is provided by the operator automatically, but not for all SIM cards and operators. To set the APN, send the command:. We do not recommend using SMS commands without the special need to avoid mistakes when adding settings manually, but we mention the list of commands for reference purposes.

Child Tracking System or Personal Tracking System

Main administrator number. SMS format:.

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Display of the directory by briefly pressing button 2. If the directory is hidden, outgoing calls are possible only on the numbers programmed for buttons SOS, 1 and 2. Call selected contacts by long press 2. The watch can store up to 10 contacts. The control method is specific and is performed using two lists with 5 numbers each — phb and phb2. Each list is set up using a separate command. Numbers are defined by the list and in the order, specified in the command. There are many models of watches, from numerous manufacturers, currently available on the market.

They leverage modern trends in their product. Share your location —…. They do not require a cellular connection. There are three types of GPS trackers, though most GPS-equipped phones can work in any of these modes depending on the mobile applications installed:. GPS loggers log the position of the device at regular intervals in its internal memory. Some act as a USB flash drive , which allows downloading of the track log data for further computer analysis. Most digital cameras save the time a photo was taken.

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Provided the camera clock is reasonably accurate or used GPS as its time source, this time can be correlated with GPS log data, to provide an accurate location. This can be added to the Exif metadata in the picture file. Cameras with a GPS receiver built in can directly produce such a geotagged photograph. In some private investigation cases, data loggers are used to keep track of a target vehicle. The private investigator need not follow the target too closely, and always has a backup source of data. A data pusher is the most common type of GPS tracking unit, used for asset tracking , personal tracking and vehicle tracking systems.

Also known as a "GPS beacon", this kind of device pushes i. A GPS navigation device and a mobile phone sit side-by-side in the same box, powered by the same battery. Newer GPS-integrated smartphones running GPS tracking software can turn the phone into a data pusher or logger device. Most 21st-century GPS trackers provide data "push" technology, enabling sophisticated GPS tracking in business environments, specifically organisations that employ a mobile workforce, such as a commercial fleet.

Typical GPS tracking systems used in commercial fleet management have two core parts: location hardware or tracking device and tracking software. This combination is often referred to as an Automatic Vehicle Location system. The tracking device is most often hardwire installed in the vehicle, connected to the CAN-bus , ignition system switch, battery.

It allows collection of extra data, which is later transferred to the GPS tracking server. There it is available for viewing, in most cases via a website accessed over the Internet, where fleet activity can be viewed live or historically using digital maps and reports. Live GPS tracking used in commercial fleets generally refers to systems that update regularly at one-minute, two-minute or five-minute intervals while the ignition status is on.

Some tracking systems combine timed updates with heading change triggered updates. GPS tracking solutions such as Telematics 2. Unlike data pushers that send the position of the devices at regular intervals push technology , these devices are always on, and can be queried as often as required pull technology. This technology is not in widespread use, but an example of this kind of device is a computer connected to the Internet and running gpsd. These can often be used in the case where the location of the tracker will only need to be known occasionally e. Data Pullers are coming into more common usage in the form of devices containing a GPS receiver and a cell phone which, when sent a special SMS message reply to the message with their location.

Covert GPS trackers contain the same electronics as regular GPS trackers but are constructed in such a way as to appear to be an everyday object. One use for covert GPS trackers is for power tool protection, these devices can be concealed within power tool boxes and traced if theft occurs. In addition, OBD trackers communicate with the different vehicle subsystems for receiving vehicle diagnostic and fuel consumption related data.

A cellular OBD GPS tracker directly communicates with the cell tower to send the location and other vehicle performance data to the server over a cellular wireless network. So police, for example, usually require a search warrant. While police have placed GPS trackers in vehicles without a warrant, this usage was questioned in court in early Use by private citizens is regulated in some states, such as California, where California Penal Code Section Note that As the laws catch up with the times, it is plausible that all 50 states will eventually enact laws similar to those of California.

Other laws, like the common law invasion of privacy tort as well as state criminal wiretapping statutes for example, the wiretapping statute of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts , which is extremely restrictive potentially cover the use of GPS tracking devices by private citizens without consent of the individual being so tracked. Privacy can also be a problem when people use the devices to track the activities of a loved one.

In , debate ensued over a Georgia proposal to outlaw hidden GPS tracking, with an exception for law enforcement officers but not for private investigators. See Georgia HB 16 - Electronic tracking device; location of person without consent The law in the UK has not specifically addressed the use of GPS trackers, but several laws may affect the use of this technology as a surveillance tool.

It is quite clear that if client instructions written or digitally transmitted that identify a person and a vehicle are combined with a tracker, the information gathered by the tracker becomes personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act If a living individual can be identified from the data, with or without additional information that may become available, is personal data.

An individual is 'identified' if distinguished from other members of a group. Now you can track the location of the device and the status of the ignition on sensor let's talk about connecting the appropriate wire below in online mode via a browser.

GPS-SMS GPRS Tracker Vehicle Tracking System

If you wish, you can download the application from the official developer to your mobile device and also work with the tracker on your smartphone. Everything is clear with black and red wires, the orange wire is used for functions related to switching on the ignition, which are described above for example, an alarm when the ignition is turned on, different timing of signals sent about location on a vehicle and on a jammed one. If you are not interested in these functions, then you may not connect this wire at all, you do not need to connect it together with the red one.

Many are interested in the question of where to install the GPS tracker. There is only one rule: the tracker must be available to receive the GPS satellite signal. That is, it is strongly recommended to position the device so that there are no metal body parts above it. The layer of plastic and glass, in this case, will not prove to be an insurmountable obstacle to the receiving antenna of the tracker. The rest of the installation site is not limited to anything other than your imagination, and the waterproof case allows you to expand this frame and beyond the vehicle.

How do I reset all configuration? I can get the same thing to work via text to my cell phone but the sinotrack pro keeps telling me the unit is off line and I have through the manual a dozen times trying different settings gs and still no luck plus another never answers any of their emails. Good day, ferruh. We just posted on our site information on how to configure and use it. I hope that other users on this Blog and indeed the Author will be able to Help. Hello Dear, can you please tell me how can I listen from the microphone that I have fitted with tracking device.

Means by which command??? Good day, Ivan isberto. Please register me an account and provide and Good afternoon, dear friend. We are very sorry, but we do not sell products. Our site provides only information services. To register a product, please write a message to the direct seller of the goods or the official representative of the company. Is there anyway to stop getting location in the sms after calling the tracker number.

Anyone can call the tracker number and get the location by return SMS which is not good.

Car GPS Tracker - GT06 First impressions, How To Get Car Location thru SMS via Car GPS Tracker

Only control number should be allowed to do so. It reveals every data of the tracker! Thank you so much for help me I am fine this command for 2 hours now I will find this thank you very much. I would like to know if it is possible to cut the tracker with the acc wire or stop any sending message.

My goal is to connect the tracker to my moto and only use the shock sensor when the moto is park. Objective: When I start the moto the tracker is off, so no notifications,so i can use the moto with no call or sms. When i stop the moto the tracker is in sleep mode and can send an sms if a shock is detected. The content of the article:. All actions for the production, acquisition, sale and use of technical equipment described and not described in this article, you perform exclusively under your responsibility and at your discretion.

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